All Of My Signs

Light images in the form of visual stories are mostly round on transparent acrylic glass, furnished with low-energy consuming led lights. Paintings are set indoor or outdoor in urban spaces as part of different exhibition project in the form of trail markings.

  • Volk
  • Plezalka
  • Cuk in Sova
  • Na Kolesu
  • Skatlica
  • Zelena

Light images are artistic forms, where two media are expressed, namely the colour and artificial light. The concept of light in image has its own spiritual and metaphorical meaning. The artistic light medium is presented in various forms through the entire history of human creation. The idea of light in light images in connection with the contents and images from nature present the relation between artificial urban world and the disappearing natural world. Relations emerge between the geometric abstraction and realist image, presenting the relations between the urban world and the disappearing nature.

Light is one of the most important elements in life, whether in physical or spiritual form. Humans perceive the natural environment on the basis of contrast between light and dark, colours are the language of the soul. Images on illuminated paintings represents our elemental being, joy, sorrow, happiness, euphoria and desire.