Graphic design is a process which involves combination of visual elements, typography, photographs, illustrations, and symbols. Similar as orchestra composer I compose them into a whole carrying the message. The message must be clear enough to inform the recipient with information and not just with data. Graphic designer should always think in terms like less is more. When famous French artist Henry Matisse once explained his proces of painting he said that visual element which does not benefits the expression of painting is simply redundant.

I have almost 20 years experience in the field of graphic design. My opus include almost all areas of visual communications. At the begining I designed accessories for sports footwear. In the early nineties I started by creating logos, corporate identities, catalogues, print media for different companies in Slovenia and abroad. Later I designed advertising signs, indor and outdor signage and advertising banners for office buildings, commercial centers and gas stations.

Zadnji projekti

Trademark logo SOLO - GSM intercom


Client: Alarm2gsm, Kranj, Slovenia